Michael May lessons are centered around the idea of providing students with accurate information and the development of best practices. Michael strives to listen carefully to his students so that he can understand and help them reach their goals and objectives. Beginners can expect to focus on basics, such as reading, posture, picking and strumming, interpreting chord symbols, interpreting chord diagrams, and playing first position chords. For more advanced students, its important to have a short interview to find out the direction they want to go in, but generally, they can expect to learn about improvisation using rock, blues and jazz styles.

Group Lessons are available through Michaels “Kickstarter Guitar” Program.

Kickstarter Guitar is a group guitar class for adults. This is a six week course designed for beginners with little or no experience playing the guitar. The focus of the class is to empower potential students of the guitar by giving them access to a knowledgeable and qualified instructor, accurate information and access to an instrument .

Upon completion of the class the student will have a firm grasp of basic musicianship, the ability to play “first position” chords and the ability to play simple songs on the guitar. Those who are interested in further study are encouraged to continue lessons with a qualified instructor of their choosing. Call Groove City Guitars at 651-333-4454  for more info.

Michael believes that all his students have the ability to express themselves to some degree on the guitar, his goal is to help them as best he can, using his experience and knowledge of the instrument.

To set up a lesson time please call 612|597|7783 or email


Lessons take place at “Groove City Guitars. Lessons can also be arranged to meet at my home studio or your home.

Feel free to download my “Introduction for New Students”PDF for pricing information.