Michael May became a musician the moment he unwrapped a Kay acoustic guitar on Christmas morning at 12 years of age. He began taking lessons at a local music store and was soon playing house parties around town with friends, covering the likes of AC/DC, Cheap Trick. The Knack, and Def Leopard.

Over the course of the next few years Michael played in a number of local bands: “Mayday”, “The Critics”, “Cafe Society”, and “Interim”. At 23 he entered Washtenaw Community College and began studying under jazz guitarist John E. Lawrence.

After graduating from Washtenaw Community College, Michael applied to the music school at Wayne State University in Detroit. Here, he worked on ear training, theory and jazz improvisation and studied with jazz guitarist Steve Carryer. During this time he also began to do work in musical theater.

Michael received his B.A. In Music from Wayne State University 1997. After graduation, Michael worked for Herb David in Ann Arbor MI, giving lessons and working in sales. Michael currently teaches at Groove City Guitars in St. Paul.

Michael has 3 beautiful children Henry, Lucy and Benton and enjoy spending time with them when he’s not teaching of performing.